The purpose of this website


First, I wanna apologies real fast. I promise I'm going to be constantly updating this so it'll eventually not be so scattered. I have a tough time sharing anything about my past let alone sharing to the world my feelings. Shi** bout to get real deep real quick lol


The whole prime goal behind creating this website is to showcase updates/personal blog and more for upcoming artist Cody King but also CKM is much more than just a personal website for Cody King. Its also a tool “guide for musicians or anyone looking to start a business and become successful online 2020"


Here I provide many different features for everyone across the world. Some of these features include providing fresh new music for everyone to enjoy while browsing my website. Everything here including music, promotions and my website biz has all been created by Cody King "me"


I started 2 years ago now with a mission to stop living in fear and to finally do what makes me happy. I started recording myself to everything I felt a vibe too. I didn't have any music equiptment at the time so I started recording myself using my cell phone while playing beats I found from youtube to get myself started. I did this every single day all day long "along with working my full time job, promoting myself on my own on top of daily drama from my personal life and unloyal girlfriends" which is a whole other story I'll have to come back to later...


I sometimes will sit back and listen through all the freestyles recordings I had made as a reminder to myself on how far I've come on my own within such a short time but truth be told. Yes, even I can't help but laugh a bit cause I remember how pumped and excitted I always was to show off to everyone my little recordings when I would upload them on youtube, soundcloud and all my social media's even though looking back now. I admit that they sucked. Like seriously... I wasn't on beat or ever even in tune.. They were horrid.. I honestly feel so very blessed and grateful though because now as I've grown and developed a ton, for some reason I still recieved a lot of love and support online. If you happen to be one of those people who had been there in the begining and supported my lameness reguardless I just wanna say "THANK YOU SO MUCH". The support you gave me boosted my confidence enough to continue to keep pushing, learning and grinding everyday to get better. I owe a great majority of my success because of you. Word cannot describe how blessed that has made me feel. Seriosly!


Anyways, I'm summing up the rest of my developmental process cause I promise it's super boring. Last year "my first year" I went crazy and uploaded a new "freestyle/song" every single week. Literally every single week!!! I'm on year 2 now and still going strong. I had to cut back to releasing a new song every 2-4 weeks now but I started getting way too stressed and almost flucked everything up for myself cause I mentally couldn't do it. This whole process has no doubt been the toughest challenge I have ever faced in my entire life but I just know deep in my heart that things will only get better as long as I keep pushing and focusing to learn how to do better.


Most people that I've met and become friend with so far during this journey say how I inspire them mainly cause no matter what i never give up and I continue to keep learning how to take myself further and further everyday. I'm my own motivation now as I learn I keep noticing more and more things that are starting to stick out to me which is a huge reason why I started to create my website.


It doesn't matter if your a musician or not, or if your dirt poor or even if you've spend a good majority of your life getting sh** on with nobody around to talk to cause I wanna be the one to prove to all those out there that know that pain that yes, even the most unfortunate of individuals in the world have a chance to change their life around and live the life that they wan to live.


It's 2020 now and we're living the future where everything's become digital. Yes, its going to to take a hella lot of work for most but listen to me when I say that now in this day an age. We finally have control over our lives and no longer have to give up on our dreams. The internet has developed so greatly that there is no longer such a thing as being impossible. All the tools, guides and resources have become available to the world where all you have to do is devote yourself to your particular dream/passion and you can easily turn it into a full timed reality.


It's been my dream since I was just a little kid to make a full time career out of making music. I never had much growing up as I basically raised myself. I was abandoned and left to deal with several homes where I was constantly living in fear. Constant lies, abuse and neglect has left a catastrophic toll on me where I'd rather feel physical pain than the mental. I still struggle with it everyday to this day.


It’s crazy how working from home hasn’t completely blown up yet with everyone doing it cause seriously once you get everything pierced together and figured out. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are so many out there that still try to keep this a secret I would say that even a kid could set this up and make all their income online. This is no doubt the way of the soon future once everyone figures it out!


The Life Of Cody King


Sooo, I actually had a bit written here but I keep erasing it cause I honestly have no clue where to even start. It pains me to say that even now being 27 years old, I still don't know much about my family or where I really come from. If your still reading this and I haven't bored you to death yet then I applaud and thank you. I'm going to continue writting this section piece by peice starting from the very begining. It's going to be super long and have a lot of intense juicy drama that wasn't so juicy while I was living it but yea. I feel like this is a huge key peice towards my successfullness towards achieving my success. I want to share with you and the world the story of my life. I know there's got to be a reason why I had to go through so much bull**** and I refuse to believe it was all for nothing.


I would feel so incredibly honored to have you with me so I can share this crazy up an down experience with you and everyone else. Make sure you enter your email below so we are completely locked an loaded. If you've already invested this much time in reading this and getting to know a little bit about me and my life then I don't wan to let you down, I want to have the chance to share it all with you if you'll let me?


Hope to see your email soon!